Regulation of transcriptional bursting by core promoter elements

Moe Yokoshi
Koji Kawasaki
Takashi Fukaya
Nucleic Acids Research

◆ We developed a live-imaging system that permits systematic visualization of the roles of individual core promoter elements in living Drosophila embryo.

◆ Quantitative image analysis revealed that each core promoter elements differentially regulates the amplitude and the frequency of transcriptional bursting.

◆ Engineering of the core promoter region of endogenous fushi tarazu gene revealed that both TATA and DPE are essential for its correct expression and function during embryogenesis.


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Journal: Nucleic Acids Research

Title: Dynamic modulation of enhancer responsiveness by core promoter elements in living Drosophila embryos

Author: Moe Yokoshi, Koji Kawasaki, Manuel Cambón, Takashi Fukaya

DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkab1177



Takashi Fukaya

Associate professor, Institute for Quantitative Biosciences