Student Support Office

The laboratories that make up our research institute are home to students from a wide variety of graduate departments. The Student Support Office not only offers a consultation center for these students to discuss issues related to their research, but also regularly puts on Research Report Meetings, where students are given the opportunity to present their research to their peers, Invited Speaker Seminars, and an Institute Retreat where our students and faculty are given time to relax and facilitate the growth of professional relationships outside of their respective laboratories.

Management of the Student Counseling Center

We have set up at the Institute a consultation center complete with a dedicated e-mail address which you can contact at any time to discuss issues related to your research, student/daily life, career, or any other concerns that you might find yourself having a hard time bringing up with the professors, seniors, and/or friends in your laboratory. Even for those issues you might have a hard time talking about face-to-face, we provide counseling services entirely through e-mail, the contents of which are handled in a strictly confidential manner.

Monthly Research Report Meetings

Research Report Meetings, which allow the students and young researchers at our institute to present their research, are held once a month, with the spotlight being placed on the students. This provides students the opportunity to not only improve their research skills, but also better their ability to present the results of said research.
Additionally, by being given the opportunity to hear about different fields of research, students and young researchers alike will increase their chances of making new connections and discoveries. By having students go beyond the barriers of their individual fields of research, these Research Report Meetings allow for the creation of a widespread network of knowledge/students/connections.

Invited Speaker Seminars

We provide support for conducting seminars by request from our students. No matter the industry or genre of research, we have set up a system utilizing our various professors’ many connections to answer to our absolute fullest all students’ requests.

The Institute Retreat

We hand our students the reins to plan and run an Institute-wide retreat, an opportunity to get away from their everyday research environment and strengthen their connections with all members of the Institute.