Central Laboratory

IQB Central laboratory houses core facilities that support researchers with an array of specialized equipment, technologies and services to facilitate innovative science. We provide researchers inside/outside of IQB with techniques developed in Central laboratory.

Animal care core –

provides the following services for researchers using mice.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Embryo/sperm freezing for stock
  3. Generation of genetically-modified mice

Sequencing core

The Institute for Quantitative Biosciences plays an important role in the analysis of genomic and epigenetic information, as well as higher-order structures of genomic information. The Institute utilizes three next-generation sequencers and a single cell analyzer to perform these analyses and to develop our unique analytical pipeline, covering a wide range of wet-to-dry analytical techniques. In addition to in-house research, the Institute collaborates with other research groups to perform high-quality genetic research.

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics core –

enables researchers to investigate the complexity of proteomes by offering a wide range of qualitative and quantitative proteomics, including the identification of proteins and their interactions, the analysis of post-translational modifications, the quantification of proteins using stable-isotope labeling, and more challenging structural elucidation through chemical cross-linking.

Cell analysis core –

offers access to flowcytometry, cell culture, DeltaVision and cryostat