Our research work aims to elucidate the transcriptional regulatory mechanism playing a cardinal role in human development using rare developmental syndromes as a model.

About Research

To elucidate the transcriptional regulatory mechanism though rare disease research

There are many rare multiple malformation syndromes associated with birth defects, and these syndromes can provide us with valuable opportunities to understand the pathogenic mechanisms of birth defects, since the molecular mechanisms of isolated birth defects remain largely unknown. Thanks to the introduction of advance genetic testing methodology, such as exome sequencing, it has become easier to pinpoint a causative genetic alteration leading to a multiple malformation syndrome. However, the molecular mechanisms by which these mutations lead to multiple malformations remain largely unknown. Our laboratory aim to elucidate the transcriptional regulatory mechanism using rare pediatric developmental disorders such as CHOPS syndrome and ARCN1-related syndrome as a model.


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Kosuke Izumi
Visiting Associate Professor