Office for Research and Ethics Promotion

The Office was launched as an expanded version of the former “Anti-fraud Bureau”. It promotes well-planned, effective, and efficient research activity by taking responsibility for research ethics, research promotion, health and safety measures, and RI (Radiation Control), for example.
The main activities of each division are as follows.

(1)Division of Research Ethics

1) Hotline for scientific misconduct
2) Identification of the causes of misconduct, as well as preparation and progress management of the prevention plan
3) Development and management of the scanning system for data registration

  • Identification of inappropriate images by image data scanning
  • Administration, registration, and release of original thesis data

4) Research activities aimed at the prevention of scientific misconduct by all laboratory members

  • Planning and management of research ethics seminars
  • Consultation for thesis preparation (intended to give advice on data processing, quantitative methods, and appropriate statistical methods)
  • Planning of education courses on statistical processing and quantitative experiment methods

(2)Division of Research Promotion

1) Administration of the Central Laboratory
2) Planning for collection of information on outside financial resources, and for obtaining such resources
3) Improvement and maintenance of the research environment in laboratories
4) Organization of hearings by the Advisory Council

(3)Division of Health and Safety

1) Health and safety measures in general

(4)Division of Radiation Control

1) RI (Radiation Control) Management and administration

Division of Research Promotion

1)Operation of Central Laboratory
2)Planning for collecting and acquiring information on external budget
We are also promoting collaborations with companies and other research institutions and collaborative research with universities, with a view to industrial use of results. We have opened an open innovation laboratory as a form of corporate collaboration, as well as planning and management of research exchange meetings with various companies. Currently, as one of them, we have established TOBIC under the cooperation of Olympus Corporation.

3)Maintenance and adjustment of the research environment inside IQB

In order to realize a highly transparent research organization open to the inside and outside of the laboratory, we eliminated laboratory closeness and promoted open laboratory transcending laboratory boundaries, not only among researchers but also general We promote research exchange with people.
Specifically, we are setting up digital signage, securing discussion space and opportunities, science cafe, science school, symposium and so on.
Through these activities, we aim to realize a laboratory that combines originality and advancedness.

4) Management of hearing by advisory council
As an external committee (Advisory Council), it was established as “IQB Advisory Council” consisting of four distinguished foreign researchers and four Japanese researchers. Especially exchange opinions and advice on organization management and human resource development etc. are received. Specifically, the following are included: (1) evaluation on the management policies of the laboratories and the planning and implementation status of the measures, (2) whether each laboratory is performing sound management without isolation, (3) evaluation on the periodic PI management We receive it properly in the management of the research institute.

Members of the external committee

Rodney Rothstein (Columbia University)
Frank Uhlmann (Click Research Institute)
Camilla Björkegren (Karolinska Institute)
Susan Gasser (FMI)
Hiroyuki Araki (Genetic Research Institute)
Tatsuya Hirano (Riken)
Kaoru Inoguchi (Toyama University)
Senya Matsufuji (The Jikei University)