Sequence homogeneity is highly controlled in human ribosomal RNA gene cluster

Yutaro Hori
Akira Shimamoto
Takehiko Kobayashi
Genome Research
  • The human rDNA is quite regular, suggesting that homogenization through gene conversion frequently occurs between copies.
  • All of the intergenic non-coding regions (IGS) are heavily methylated, whereas about half of the coding regions are clearly unmethylated, and the active copy number seems constant.
  • The rDNA in cells from progeroid syndrome patients who have reduced DNA repair activity have more unstable copies as compared with control normal cells.


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Journal: Genome Research

Title: The human ribosomal RNA gene is composed of highly homogenized tandem clusters

Author: Yutaro Hori, Akira Shimamoto and Takehiko Kobayashi

DOI: 10.1101/gr.275838.121


Laboratory of Genome Regeneration

Takehiko Kobayashi