3D genome structure revealed by data-driven analysis -CustardPy, a new computational method for 3D genome analysis-

Ryuichiro Nakato
Toyonori Sakata
Jiankang Wang
Luis Augusto Eijy Nagai
Yuya Nagaoka
Gina Miku Oba
Masashige Bando
Katsuhiko Shirahige


◆We have developed CustardPy, a novel computational method for the integrative analysis of large-scale genomic data.
◆Using CustardPy, we have elucidated some aspects of the complex 3D genome structure and its functions, including the discovery of a specific 3D structure strongly associated with gene expression regulation.
◆ The results of this research will help elucidate the mechanism of several diseases caused by disruption of the 3D genome structure, including cancer.


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Journal: Nature Communications

Title: Context-dependent perturbations in chromatin folding and the transcriptome by cohesin and related factors

Author:Ryuichiro Nakato*, Toyonori Sakata, Jiankang Wang, Luis Augusto Eijy Nagai, Yuya Nagaoka, Gina Miku Oba, Masashige Bando and Katsuhiko Shirahige*

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-41316-4



Ryuichiro Nakato

Associate Professor, Institute for Quantitative Biosciences