These days, a succession of events have raised questions related to ethics in research. However, this situation is not unique to Japan. In the past, research activities have suffered from political pressure in many parts of the world. I am thinking about the way researchers ought to behave.

About Research


I hope to be heterogeneous—that is, to provide diversity—in a largely homogeneous group of researchers.
When transporting fish over long distances, it is considered helpful to move multiple species of fish together. The lifespans of the fish can be extended because they feel nervous I imagine that the same is true for laboratories. I believe that laboratory consisting only of experts in science and technology have the tendency to become narrow-minded. However, if a person with a very different background were a member of the lab, their co-workers would feel wary, and I believe that this would bring energy to the laboratory.
Regardless of the time and place, scientific research tends to suffer from political pressure, as well as jealousy and vanity among fellow researchers. However, these situations should not cause research activities to become unethical. I hope to be a “heterogeneous fish,” so that the laboratory will continue to thrive.
At the same time, I hope to identify lessons from history and convey them to the next generation of scientists, who will ensure the future of research.