Advisory Council

As an external committee (Advisory Council), it was established as “IQB Advisory Council” consisting of four distinguished foreign researchers and four Japanese researchers. Especially exchange opinions and advice on organization management and human resource development etc. are received.

Specifically, the following are included: (1) evaluation on the management policies of the laboratories and the planning and implementation status of the measures, (2) whether each laboratory is performing sound management without isolation, (3) evaluation on the periodic PI management

We receive it properly in the management of the research institute.

Members of the Advisory Council (FY2018)

Rodney Rothstein (Columbia University)
Frank Uhlmann (Click Research Institute)
Camilla Björkegren (Karolinska Institute)
Susan Gasser (FMI)
Hiroyuki Araki (Genetic Research Institute)
Tatsuya Hirano (Riken)
Kaoru Inoguchi (Toyama University)
Senya Matsufuji (The Jikei University)