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Yukihide Tomari, Ph.D.

The excitement of discovery is one of the greatest pleasures of science. The RNA field is still full of unknowns and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy tackling them. Our lab welcomes anybody who is interested in solving the complex puzzle of life together with us.


Hiro-oki Iwakawa, Ph.D.

Theme: understanding of the molecular mechanism of small RNA-mediated gene regulation.
Interests: delicious "Szechuan dish of noodles" without tahini and soup.

PRESTO Researcher/Lecturer

Hotaka Kobayashi, Ph.D.

Seeing is believing. I'm trying to reveal the secrets behind the central dogma by "seeing" gene expression at the single-molecule level in cells. I really love looking into new samples I've never seen through a microscope. My eyes are getting worse, but I'll keep on doing experiments by myself. You can check my research here.

Technical Specialist

Natsuko Izumi, Ph.D.

I'm Natsuko Izumi. I study the biogenesis of piRNAs, germline-expressed small RNAs.

Research Associate

Keisuke Shoji, Ph.D.

I study piRNAs, a class of small RNAs, using silkworms. I'm a foodie but can't eat spicy foods.

Ph.D. Student

Kenji Okomori

Born in Hokkaido, I now work here as a master's student. I study the mechanism of mRNA decay in early development using zebrafish. My dream is to become a scientist who can share the fun of science with children and students!! I like watching baseball games (sometimes football) and I am a big fan of Nippon Ham Fighters.

Ph.D. Student

Shirui Chen

I am Shirui Chen from China (please call me Sherry~). I was born in Changchun and after graduation from high school, I have been living in Shanghai. I am interested in the functional mechanism of small RNAs. In my spare time, I like to go for a walk and feel the unique culture in Japan. In addition, I like cats very much!

Ph.D. Student

Wei Liu

I am from Guangzhou in China. Now I am studying the mechanism of RISC assembly in plant Argonaute proteins. I like reading detective stories in my leisure time. My favorite quote is “You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.”

Ph.D. Student

Benny Chung

I am Benny from Hong Kong. Literatures from Tomari lab is what brought me here and I love the mechanisms of small ncRNAs and their loading partners, as everyone else here. I like electronic music, especially trance.

Ph.D. Student

Yuriki Sakurai

I am Yuriki Sakurai. I am studying the molecular mechanism of RNA silencing pathway in plants. One of my hobbies is watching Korean dramas, so I can read and speak Korean language a little. I have a weakness for sweets.

Ph.D. Student

Andy Lam

Hi, I’m Andy from Vancouver, Canada. My hobbies include practicing kung fu, watching Netflix shows, anime and hockey. Currently, I’m studying the mechanisms of RISC in plants. Learning a new language, living in a vibrant new city, and studying such a dynamic field, I find myself learning so much every day!

Ph.D. Student

Tatsuya Ishizuka

Hi, I’m Tatsuya. Currently my study is based on Hero proteins, a peculiar group of unstructured proteins. In my free time, I like to discover new ramen restaurants and watch sports.

Master's Student

Xiao Qi (Kazuki Uruhara)

I’m a foreign research student from Hunan, China and I love spicy food so much. I have been studying biology since high school and I think that solving the unknown questions in the world of life is attractive work. Now I’m interested in piRNA research. I also enjoy Japanese social culture, language, animation, music and so on, and hope I can do my best here.

Master's Student

Selena Setsu

It is fascinating how far human beings have figured out the way organisms work. Right now, I am seeking what I do not know, and continuing that way I hope to unveil mechanisms that no one yet knows. Eating foods from other countries is fun; it makes me feel as if I am traveling to these countries.

Master's Student

Ryosuke Kowada

I'm Kowada from Osaka. I was studying neurodegenerative disorders as an undergraduate. I'm interested in the regulation of transcription and translation by RNAs and their interaction with proteins. It is difficult to get used to life in Tokyo, but I hope to enjoy living in Tokyo. I like to explore the city by bicycle.

Master's Student

Rin Shiraishi

I'm Rin Shiraishi. I'm interested in the reaction and biogenesis mechanism of piRNAs. My hobby is cooking and I often cook elaborate dishes on my days off. I can’t make sweets but I love them too.

Lab Technician

Kaori Kiyokawa

I take care of zebrafish, fruit flies, cell culture etc. I'm a zookeeper in the Tomari lab.

Lab Technician

Jie Yu

I'm Jie from Qingdao, China. I prepare common reagents for lab research. I'm also a new adventurer in the piRNA field.

Administrative Assistant

Yukiko Koshiba

I would like to help young researchers to concentrate on their research.

Lab Alumni
Tomoko Kawamata, Ph.D.
Aiko Shiohama, Ph.D.
Akihisa Tsutsumi, Ph.D.
Pieter Bas Kwak, Ph.D.
Shinpei Kawaoka, Ph.D.
Shintaro Iwasaki, Ph.D.
Mayuko Yoda, Ph.D.
Yayoi Endo
Ken Naruse, Ph.D.
Akiko Maruyama
Miyuki Mitomi
Yuri Kato
Masami Tashiro
Maki Kobayashi
Mayu Yoshikawa, Ph.D.
Takashi Fukaya, Ph.D.
Juan Guillermo Betancur, Ph.D.
Hiroshi M. Sasaki, Ph.D.
Dana Danielson, Ph.D.
Harumi Takeda
Yusuke Takano
Léo Mouillard-Lample
Mariko Watanabe
Sho Niinuma, Ph.D.
Yosuke Ushimaru
Yuichiro Mishima, Ph.D.
Baeg Kyungmin, Ph.D.
Yusuke Kimura
Takeya Masubuchi, Ph.D.
Hotaka Kobayashi, Ph.D.
Eriko Matsuura-Suzuki, Ph.D.
Vincent Brechin, Ph.D.
Fumikazu Shinohara, Ph.D.
Takumi Tomohiro
Kotaro Tsuboyama, Ph.D.
Masahiro Naganuma, Ph.D.
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