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Prof. Reiko Shinkura (M.D., Ph.D.)

Reiko Shinkura

Be ambitious to venture into the unknown!

Email rshinkura[at]iqb.u-tokyo.ac.jp

Assistant Prof. Naoki Morita (Ph.D.)

Naoki Morita 近影

I’m trying to understand how microbiota and host cells interact with each other in the molecular level. I keep on challenging in the research with broad range of views.

Assistant Prof. Peng Gao (Ph.D.)

Peng Gao 近影

I like basketball and coffee.

Project Assistant Prof. Genta Furuya (M.D., Ph.D.)

Genta Furuya 近影

I'm trying to unravel the fascinating aspect of antibody biology and humoral immunology through a wide range of interests and a variety of techniques.

Technical staff, Ryutaro Tamano

Ryutaro Tamano 近影

I like sake !

Technical staff, Kyoko Morita

Kyoko Morita 近影

I will assist lab experiment as much as possible.

Technical staff, Tatsuyuki Katagai

Tatsuyuki Katagai 近影

Don't feel, think ! It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Now concentrate on the finger.


  • Taiga_Kimishima 近影

    D3 Taiga Kimishima

    I like soccer and whisky.

  • Keishu Takahashi 近影

    D3 Keishu Takahashi

    Enjoy Science.

  • Zhang Yu Chen 近影

    D3 Yu Chen Zhang

    Rise Above, Focus on Science.

  • XiuJie Chen 近影

    D2 XiuJie Chen

    The gourmet who like to travel and cats!

  • Jia Hui Lyu 近影

    D2 Jia Hui Lyu

    My hobbies are town walking, cooking and visiting aquariums.

  • Yushu Sun 近影

    D1 Yushu Sun

    Drawing the whole world as a picture.

  • Seyong Ko 近影

    D1 Seyong Ko

    I love experiment.

  • Issei Wada 近影

    M2 Issei Wada

    My hobbies are listening to music and swimming.

  • Kahori Hirae 近影

    M1 Kahori Hirae

    I love looking at the interaction between organisms at cellular level.

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