5-aminolevulinic acid(5-ALA), one of the natural amino acids, exists in the mitochondria of cells and produces energy “ATP” in all living organisms. We have been developing new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities against intractable disease including malignancies using 5-ALA and will contribute the medical progress.

About Research

5-ALA is the first product in porphyrin synthetic pathway and it produces heme in mitochondria and supplies heme proteins to cells. Various heme proteins are known and play various physiological roles including  mitochondria activation, anti-inflammation, antioxidation and anti-infection. Making full use of 5-ALA, our team which has long been involved in the developing new cell and gene therapy modalities has been currently developing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for sickle cell disease and malignancies.

Metabolic Pathway of 5-ALA
Pharmacology of 5-ALA


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Kenzaburo Tani
Project Professor
Yasushi Soda
Project Associate Professor